Added value

We stand for partnership, quality, flexibility, and reliability.

These are the pillars of our customer satisfaction and our company’s success.

This is how we live partnership

Finding common solutions

We are happy to act as a link between you and the end customer. Many of our business partners trust in us and already use our service to supply their end customers directly. This saves time and money. It is delivered “undercover”, including your papers. Thus we do not appear ourselves.

Close coordination leads us to the desired result

We prefer to ask once too much than once too little. We are a reliable partner on the way to successful project performance. That’s why we ask ourselves at every process step: “Does this make sense?”

Moving ideas forward

Who is closer to the product than the producer? New perspectives often only emerge during the implementation, so we also seek exchange with our customers here and support the implementation of innovative ideas in a spirit of partnership.

This is how we live quality

Quality assurance by exchange

Not everything is predictable. That’s why our customers rely on our attention to detail and expertise. We maintain a close dialog before and during the project to meet your requirements.

Quality assurance by control

Do you have materials to be provided for further processing? As your partner, we accept the provided materials and check them for completeness and quality before further processing. In case of doubt, we consult you and find a standard solution.

Quality assurance by overview

We face cooperation with other suppliers as a partnership! Therefore, it is also part of our service to hand over manufactured parts to other suppliers for further processing on your behalf. If desired, we monitor the downstream processes to ensure the best result.

This is how we live flexibility

When things have to go faster

We do everything we can to get the job done “faster” than planned in case of a hurry. We look for acceleration possibilities to bring forward the delivery date.

In case of an urgent problem

We always have a sympathetic ear for you. In case of an urgent problem, we are there for you - within the framework of fast and flexible communication. Talk to us, and we will find a quick and suitable solution.

Ready for anything

You need a product, but the production specifications must still be completed. We can handle that! We are glad to work interactively, i.e., we coordinate closely with you and achieve your project goal together.

That's how we live reliability

In any case

A man’s word is his bond – that’s what our customers can rely on. Situations and requirements sometimes change quickly. Should that ever be the case, we will talk to you and work out options for action to still achieve our goal.

Hand on it

The handshake seals the contract. But our promise goes further than any contract.

With certainty

Reliability is an essential element of our operational processes. We take our promise seriously and give you the security to achieve the defined goals through transparent work steps and regular exchanges.